1949-1950 City College of New York Championship Team Inducted in 1994

Team Inducted in 1994
1949-1950 CCNY Championship team 1949-1950 City College of New York Championship Team, Inducted into the NYC Hall of Fame in 1994
Photo credit: (CUNY Athletics https://rb.gy/6zre6)
1949–1950 City College of New York Beavers Championship team was led by head coach Nat Holman, an innovator and playmaker. Today's college teams recruit from all over the world Holman compiled his team with New York City-born players. With his assistant coach Harlod "Bobby" Sand, he recruited from  Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL) schools, Clinton, Boys, Erasmus, and Franklin High Schools. Their starting five was comprised of two African Americans and three Jewish players.

CCNY is the only team to win both the National Invitation Tournament and the NCAA tournament in the same year. The 1950 City team was also the first NCAA champion to have African-American players in their starting lineup. The team of Ed Warner, Norm Mager, Irwin Dambrot, Alvin "Fats" Roth, Ed Roman, Floyd Layne, Herb Cohen, Ron Nadell, Leroy Watkins, Joe Galiber, and Arthur Glass.