Clarence “Puggy” Bell Inducted in 2005

Player Inducted in 2005
Clarence Randolph ”Puggy” Bell Clarence “Puggy” Bell, Inducted into the NYC Hall of Fame in 2005
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Clarence Randolph ”Puggy” Bell (November 26, 1914 – February 19, 1985) Bell never played in high school or college, instead, he played in the YMCA league where he won several local and state championships. He later went on to play professionally, playing with the Passaic Crescents and the New York Harlem Yankees. Bell won the World Professional Basketball Tournament in 1939 with the New York Renaissance when he was named the MVP, and in 1943 with the Washington Bears.

In his first nine seasons with the New York Renaissance, Bell was named the Most Valuable Player of the inaugural World Championship of Professional Basketball Tournament, winning by the “Rens” in 1939. He could shoot with either hand and was the anchor for the Renaissance and the team’s captain after “Fats” Jenkins retired. Bell also won a World Championship title with the Washington Bears in 1943. He was inducted into the Bob Douglas Hall of Fame in 1984, joining former Rens teammates Charles “Tarzan” Cooper, William “Pop” Gates, John Isaacs, and Clarence “Fats” Jenkins.

He played professionally for the New York Rens (1939-1947), Washington Bears (1942-1946), Wiles-Barre Barons (1945-1946), Saratoga Indians (1947-1948), Bridgeport Springwoods (1947-1949), Troy Celtics (1948-1949), Bristol Tramps (1949-1951), Manchester Nassiff Arms (1950-1951), Saratoga Harlem Yankees (1950-1952), and Manchester British Americans (1951-1953). As a coach Manchester British Americans (1952-1953).

Career highlights 2× WPBT champion (1939, 1943), WPBT MVP (1939), First Team All-WPBT (1939), and Second Team All-WPBT (1945).