Jackie Jackson Inducted in 2017

Player Inducted in 2017
Jackie Jackson Jackie Jackson, Inducted into the NYC Hall of Fame in 2017
Photo credit: (Harlem Globetrotters Card)

Jackie Jackson attended Boys and Girls HS and later Virginia Union University where he averaged 20 rebounds a game. He earned CIAA freshman of the year (1958). In the 1962 NBA draft, he was selected No 41 but was recruited by Harlem Globetrotters founder, owner Abe Saperstein.

For twenty years he played with the Harlem Globetrotters. During the summer months, Jackson was a star on the NYC asphalt one of Rucker Park’s first streetball stars in the early 1960s. Jackson, nickname Jumping Jackie earned by snatching a quarter from the top of a basketball backboard on a bet. Jackson's lore grew when he once dunked over Wilt Chamberlain and blocked one of his shots in a pick-up game at Rucker Park. Career accolades, Boys and Girls HS Hall of Fame, Virginia Union Hall of Fame where they retired his number, the CIAA Hall of Fame, and the Rucker Tournament Hall of Fame.