John Condon Inducted in 2000

Contributor Inducted in 2000
John F.X. Condon John Condon, Inducted into the NYC Hall of Fame in 2000
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John F. X. Condon was a former public address announcer for the New York Knicks, a boxing promoter. Condon began his career at Madison Square Garden as the public address announcer for the Knicks in 1947.   Condon was referred to as the voice of basketball at Madison Square Garden. Known for his iconic greeting prior to each basketball game, "Good evening, everybody. Welcome to Madison Square Garden." Condon was a staple at the world's most famous arena.

However, Condon's true passion wasn't basketball  which he referred to as "cheating on my first love, boxing." In addition to the 42 years he spent as the announcer of MSG and the Knicks, Condon ultimately served as president of Madison Square Garden Boxing. His passion for the sport was so great that, despite having served as President, Condon was also the matchmaker and commentator for many boxing matches. John FX Condon was elected to the International Boxing Hall of Fame and the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame. Condon passed away in October 1989.