John Isaacs Inducted in 1992

Player Inducted in 1992
John Issacs John Isaacs, Inducted into the NYC Hall of Fame in 1992
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John Isaacs nicknamed "Wonder Boy" was a 6'1" guard fiery competitor, team leader, playmaker, defender, and rebounder. John Isaacs introduced the pick and roll to the Harlem Rens. When John Isaacs received his Championship jacket the words were "Colored World Champions" on the back of it but John took a razor and cut the word "Colored" off of his championship jacket so that it read "World Champions."

In high school, he led the basketball team at Textile High School (later Charles Evans Hughes High School) to a title in the 1935 New York City High School Basketball championship with all-City honors for himself. Offered a professional contract by Bob Douglas, owner of the Harlem-based, all-African American New York Renaissance basketball team, he accepted the offer, but only after getting approval from his mother. With the Rens, Isaacs led the team to season records of 122–19, 121–19, and 127–15. The team won the first World Professional Basketball Tournament, held in 1939 at Chicago Stadium and sponsored by the Chicago Herald American, with the team making it to the finals by beating the Harlem Globetrotters of Chicago 27–23, to face the Oshkosh All-Stars, who lost to the Rens 34–25 in the tournament final. Isaacs won a second title in 1943 with the Washington Bears, again defeating Oshkosh. Isaacs scored a game-high 11 points to lead the Bears to a 43–31 win and their first title. Isaacs played with several other all-black professional basketball teams after his time with the Rens and Bears, including the Manhattan Nationals, Hazleton Mountaineers of the Eastern Professional Basketball League, and Utica Olympics of the New York State Professional Basketball League), and in the American Basketball League with Brooklyn and Saratoga. He became a coach and mentor after he retired. Chris Mullin admitted that he was one of his disciples. In 2015, Isaacs was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. (