Mac Kinsbruner Inducted in 2001

Player Inducted in 2001
Mac Kinsbruner Mac Kinsbruner, Inducted into the NYC Hall of Fame in 2001
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George "Mac" Kinsbruner  (March 21, 1909-Febuary 16, 1972) was born in Austria, he came to the USA and grew up in Brooklyn.  He first enrolled at Syracuse but transferred to St John's where he was a member of the famous Wonder Five basketball team that won 68 of 72 games in a three-year span (1929-1931). He was a five-sport star at St. John’s University Kinsbrunner also played soccer, football, baseball, and ran track. He later went with the other members of the basketball team to form the professional squad, the Brooklyn Jewels. The team joined the ABL in 1933, and Kinsbruner, with his unorthodox shot, would play professionally through the mid-40s.