Olden Polynice Inducted in 2016

Player Inducted in 2016
Olden Polynice Olden Polynice, Inducted into the NYC Hall of Fame in 2016
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Olden Polynice, attended All-Hallows HS (Bronx), and played for the University of Virginia (1983-1986). Polynice was selected 8th overall pick in the 1987 NBA draft by the Chicago Bulls but traded to the Seattle Supersonics for Scottie Pippen.

He played for Hamby Rimini (1986-1987), Seattle Supersonics (1987-1991), Los Angeles Clippers (1991-1992), Detroit Pistons (1992-1994), Sacramento Kings (1994-1998), Seattle Supersonics (1999), Utah Jazz (1999-2001), Las Vegas Slam ABA (2001-2002), Grand Rapids Hoops CBA (2002-2003), Pennsylvania Valley Dawgs USBL (2003), Gary Steelheads USBL (2003), Los Angeles Clippers (2003), Long Beach Jam CBA (2004), Michigan Mayhem CBA (2004-2005) and Los Angeles Aftershock ABA (2005-2006).