Teddy Jones Inducted in 2010

Contributor Inducted in 2010
Teddy Jones Teddy Jones, Inducted into the NYC Hall of Fame in 2010
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Teddy Jones was the premier Rucker League coach. He had played basketball for the United States Army but later coached for Holcombe Rucker's first premier basketball League. Jones is best known as the greatest coach in the history of the Rucker League. Jones was Knicks President Donnie Walsh coached in the 1950s.

Walsh said this about Jones, Mr. Rucker, and Rucker Park., "When I started playing there, it was pure basketball," Donnie recalled. "It was a great experience for me playing in the high school division. He was so smart and knew so much about the game. I really enjoyed playing for him." Donnie was a familiar sight, as he and a pal, whose name we can't recall, would enter the park with their sneakers hanging around their necks. Donnie didn't know it then, but it was a fad that caught on around Harlem and then around the city. "I just loved playing up there. It was a great feeling. Mr. Rucker was such a nice man. He put me on a team and took time with me. This guy was more than just basketball," said Donnie, who continues to be one of the special people in the NBA (Howie Evans, NY Amsterdam News).