Arlington “Ollie” Edinboro Inducted in 1995

Contributor Inducted in 1995
Arlington "Ollie" Edinboro Arlington “Ollie” Edinboro, Inducted into the NYC Hall of Fame in 1995
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Arlington "Ollie" Edinboro (1916-1990), a Harlem native who dedicated his career to improving the lives of generations of New York City’s adolescents by teaching them basketball. Edinboro's love for the game led him to a job as a Junior Recreation Worker with the Department of Parks when he was only 15 years old.  He attended Benjamin Franklin High School and played and coached semi-pro basketball.  Later he went to work as an athletic coordinator for the Abyssinian Baptist Church.

In 1942, Edinboro entered the Army as a Quarter Master Group Leader. Service, and life taught him discipline which influenced the way he taught players. In 1949, Edinboro returned to the Parks Department as a Recreation Director. His life was spent enriching the lives of children in Harlem’s parks and recreation centers. Edinboro heavily influenced the Holcombe Rucker Tournament, Boys of Yesteryear Inc., and countless other programs. By the 1970s, players traveled the subway from the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens to learn basketball from him. Edinboro was strict and old-fashioned, but players came to learn from the best. He taught self-discipline and self-respect life lessons that enriched their lives. In 2004 a New York City playground was named Arlington “Ollie” Edinboro Playground.